Some of the Surface Supply Diving Services We Provide

Inspection, Maintenance, & Repair | High-Risk & Haz-Mat | Construction

– Seaway Diving provides turnkey commercial diving services for your unique industrial needs. Our divers


are experienced in underwater inspection, marine construction, repair projects, and so much more. From project design to execution and oversight, our staff of qualified and experienced certified commercial divers will complete your project safely, effectively, and efficiently.

– Seaway Diving has been in the diving business since 1965. For over 40 years we have been involved in hundreds of different types of underwater projects. With our equipment and experience, there is no project that we cannot tackle head on. We regularly team up with specialists such as Biologists and Engineers. Professionals on the island know that you can trust Seaway Diving Ltd. to get the job done, safely and on time. Services include but are NOT limited to:
Video Inspection, Outfall & Intake Installation, Underwater Welding to Code & Burning, New Construction and Old Demolition, Air & Hydraulic Drilling (Rock and Concrete), Hydraulic Pumps 4\” – 6\” & 8\”, Foam Billet Installation up to 1\’ x 4\’ x 8\’ (1 Ton Flotation), Bottom Cleaning around docks.
Recovery & Salvage. ROV Video Inspections.

Contact Us to inquire about our services. Our team of trained and certified divers is equipped to perform underwater services of all varieties.