Ceramic Tile & Stone Flooring

  • Porcelains are the rage. Because of how they are made, porcelain tile look and perform better than a traditional glazed ceramic. Fired under higher heat and pressure, often with added minerals like feldspar, porcelains usually have through body coloring and can be glazed or unglazed. With a moisture absorption rate of less than 0.5%, porcelain tiles are virtually frost proof and therefore suitable for outdoor application.
  • Tile floorsNatural stone is also popular. Slate, granite and marble are the three main ones. Slate is metamorphosed clay or shale, while marble is derived from limestone. Granite is an igneous rock, likewise formed under millions of years of heat and pressure. No one can argue with the durability, functionalism and natural beauty of stone floors.
  • Glass tiles are in demand, mainly for colorful accents around tub, showers and kitchen backsplashes. They are high style and very decorative.
  • Large body tiles are possible because of advances in the manufacture process that make them lighter and more dimensionally stable. Now it is possible to have tiles two feet square without worry of warping, twisting or cracking. And reduced grouting makes maintenance that much easier.

Why Ceramic ?Natural Materials The bisque, porcelain and glazes that make up our tile today come from the same organic materials craftsmen used centuries ago.Adds Resale Value Classic or contemporary, tile adds style and value to interior décorExpress Yourself Create your own masterpiece by mixing and matching elements of our coordinating ceramic collection.

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